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13th Annual Edition
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Informa Economics has released its 13th annual "Barge Commodity Profile" report.  Like the Barge Fleet Profile, this report will prove to be an invaluable resource.  The analytic report of historical information incorporates the domestic internal waterborne commerce data of the Army Corps of Engineers by type of barge movement.  Informa Economics then reconciles these movements with the available fleet size from the Barge Fleet Profile Report by barge type to derive Informa Economics' exclusive Barge Pressure Indices for covered and open Barges.    

30th Annual Edition

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Informa Economics' continuing study, "The Barge Fleet Profile," is now in its 30th year of public distribution.   It seeks to identify the line haul, commodity carrying fleet of inland barges operating on the Mississippi River System, its connecting waterways and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  Data and information are gathered through an annual survey of operators, personal contact, use of available Corps of Engineers and Coast Guard statistics and reference to the author's historic research materials.

Barge Commodity Profile
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Barge Fleet Profile
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Special Transportation Industry Studies
November 2014

"Opportunities in Tank Barges Related to Crude Oil Production and Movement"
Third Edition (Previous Editions in 2011 and 2013)

Over the last 20 years, the new technology of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has emerged, tapping natural gas and crude oil that was previously inaccessible. This has enabled US crude oil production to increase from 3.8 million barrels per day just six years ago to now topping 9.0 million barrels, a 137 percent increase, and production is seen rising further still, creating opportunities.  The increased energy production is altering the entire liquid transportation market. As transportation routes expand and adjust to meet the need, new challenges arise, such as the recent, dramatic increase in crude petroleum barge loadings. All indications point to the increases in crude oil production from natural gas and oil site extraction, continuing in areas tributary to the river system.  In this Third Edition study, Informa summarizes the current supply, demand and rate outlook for the liquid barge market with conclusions on key market drivers to monitor. With this information, participants can develop a strategy with respect to investment in and use of liquid tank barges.  

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"Inland Navigation Evaluation and Outlook Fact Book"

The inland navigation system is amidst a number of developments as barge fleets have become pressured on increased demand, a diversifying commodity mix, towboat advances, changes with crew requirements and expected improved conditions going forward. Informa Economics has prepared a Fact Book report that includes a five-year Evaluation and Outlook of the Market Opportunities for the Barge and Towboat Markets of the Mississippi River System.

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  • All 20 years of the Barge Fleet Profile in one bound book
  • Maps of the navigation system
  • Charts and figures comparing the past 20 years of the inland barge industry
  • Over 450 pages in full color



The Transportation and Logistics Roundtable Series ~ Various US Locations

The Roundtable Series is the forum to engage all logistical functions of your business, from shipping product in, to shipping product out. Whether you use truck or have a fleet of trucks, barges, rail-hopper cars, tank cars or intermodal, air transport, or ocean-bulk and container, or you are a policy maker or industry observer, this will be a place to address and strategically assess the environment.

Roundtable Series Details and ONLINE REGISTRATION


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